Adzuki Beans Legumes
Alfalfa sprouts Vegetables
Almond oil Oils
Almonds (peeled) Nuts
Amaranth Grains
Animal products Food groups
Apples (cooked) Fruits
Apples (raw) Fruits
Apricots Fruits
Artichoke Vegetables
Artificial sweeteners Sweeteners
Asafoetida Spices
Asparagus Vegetables
Avocado Vegetables
Avocado oil Oils
Bananas Fruits
Barley Grains
Basil Spices
Beans Food groups
Beef Animal products
Beer Beverages
Beets Vegetables
Bell peppers Vegetables
Beverages Food groups
Black pepper Spices
Blue corn Grains
Brazil nuts Nuts
Broccoli Vegetables
Brown sugar Sweeteners
Brussels sprouts Vegetables
Buckwheat Grains
Butter Dairy Oils
Buttermilk Dairy
Cabbage Vegetables
Calcium Minerals
Canola oil Oils
Cardamom Spices
Carrots Vegetables
Cashews Nuts
Cauliflower Vegetables
Cayenne Spices
Celery Vegetables
Chard Vegetables
Cheese (salted) Dairy
Cheese (unsalted) Dairy
Cherries Fruits
Chick peas Beans Legumes
Chicken (dark meat) Animal products
Chicken (light meat) Animal products
Chilies Vegetables
Cilantro/coriander (fresh) Vegetables
Cilantro/coriander (spice) Spices
Cinnamon Spices
Cloves Spices
Coconut Nuts
Coconut oil Oils
Coffee Beverages
Corn Vegetables
Corn (grain) Grains
Corn oil Oils
Cottage cheese Dairy
Couscous Grains
Cranberries Fruits
Cream Dairy
Cucumber Vegetables
Cumin Spices
Dairy Food groups
Dal Beans Legumes
Dates Fruits
Dried fruits Fruits
Duck Animal products
Eggplant Vegetables
Eggs Animal products
Fennel Spices
Fenugreek Spices
Figs Fruits
Filberts/hazelnuts Nuts
Fish (fresh water) Animal products
Fish (salt water) Animal products
Fruit sugar Sweeteners
Fruits Food groups
Garlic Spices
Ghee Dairy Oils
Ginger Spices
Goat's milk Dairy
Grains Food groups
Granola Grains
Grapefruit Fruits
Grapes Fruits
Green beans Vegetables
Hard alcohol Beverages
Herbal teas (fruit or astringent) Beverages Tea
Herbal teas (spice or tonic) Beverages Tea
Honey (fresh) Sweeteners
Honey (old) Sweeteners
Horseradish Spices
Ice cold drinks Beverages
Ice cream Dairy
Iron Minerals
Jaggery (gur) Sweeteners
Kefir Dairy
Kidney beans Beans Legumes
Lamb Animal products
Lemons Fruits
Lentils Beans Legumes
Lettuce Vegetables
Lima beans Beans Legumes
Limes Fruits
Macadamia nuts Nuts
Mango Fruits
Maple sugar Sweeteners
Maple syrup Sweeteners
Margarine Oils
Melons Fruits
Milk (whole) Beverages Dairy
Millet Grains
Mint Spices
Molasses Sweeteners
Mung Beans Legumes
Mushrooms Vegetables
Mustard greens Vegetables
Mustard oil Oils
Mustard seeds Spices
Non-refined sugar Sweeteners
Nutmeg Spices
Nuts and seeds Food groups
Oats Grains
Oils Food groups
Okra Vegetables
Olive oil Oils
Onions (cooked) Vegetables
Onions (raw) Vegetables
Oranges Fruits
Papayas Fruits
Parsley (fresh) Vegetables
Parsley (spice) Spices
Peaches Fruits
Peanut butter Oils
Pears Fruits
Peas Vegetables
Pecans Nuts
Persimmons Fruits
Pine nuts Nuts
Pineapples Fruits
Pinto beans Beans Legumes
Plums Fruits
Pomegranates Fruits
Pork Animal products
Potatoes Vegetables
Prunes Fruits
Pumpkin seeds Seeds
Quinoa Grains
Radish Vegetables
Raspberries Fruits
Raw vegetables Vegetables
Rice (basmati) Grains
Rice (brown, long) Grains
Rice (brown, short) Grains
Rice (white) Grains
Rye Grains
Safflower oil Oils
Salt (rock) Spices
Salt (sea) Spices
Seaweeds Vegetables
Sesame oil Oils
Sesame seeds Seeds
Shell fish Animal products
Soft drinks Beverages
Sour cream Dairy
Sour fruit juice Beverages Juices
Soy beans Beans Legumes
Soy milk Dairy
Soy oil Oils
Spices Food groups
Spinach Vegetables
Split peas Beans Legumes
Strawberries Fruits
Summer squash Vegetables
Sunflower oil Oils
Sunflower seeds Seeds
Sunflower sprouts Vegetables
Sweet fruit juice Beverages Juices
Sweet potatoes Vegetables
Sweeteners Food groups
Tea (black) Beverages Tea
Tea (green) Beverages Tea
Tofu Beans Legumes
Tomatoes Vegetables
Turkey (dark meat) Animal products
Turkey (light meat) Animal products
Turmeric Spices
Turnips Vegetables
Uncooked or dry grains Grains
Vegetables Food groups
Vitamin A Vitamins
Vitamin B complex Vitamins
Vitamin C Vitamins
Vitamin D Vitamins
Vitamin E Vitamins
Vitamin K Vitamins
Vitamins and minerals Food groups
Walnuts Nuts
Water (cold) Beverages
Water (warm) Beverages
Watercress Vegetables
Wheat Grains
White sugar Sweeteners
Wine (red) Beverages
Wine (white) Beverages
Winter squash Vegetables
Yogurt Dairy
Zinc Minerals

Information adapted from: Vaidya Atreya Smith, Ayurvedic Medicine for Westerners, volume 3: Clinical protocols and treatments in Ayurveda